Sunday, March 28, 2010


wow. That pretty much all I can say! I'm supposed to have $800 postmarked by April 5th. I was hoping to get at least $700 by that time, well I should have set my goal higher! I have almost $1,000 and I still have a week left! I couldn't believe it after I got home after church. The Lord has just kept reminding me that He is in charge! I still wonder why I worry when He keeps providing and providing for me?!
Today I church I got introduce my friend Hannah to my friend Joel, they are both going to NMB. I've known Joel since I was a toddler and Hannah came to Calvary today, so I just had to have them meet-we're going to be spending the summer together! AH! Exciting! I can't wait to meet other people.
A new prayer request is for finding a job. We all have to find jobs for the summer, and so I need to figure out what exactly I'm wanting to do, where I want to be, etc. So please be praying as I look around. A girl from the project said that there is a outlet mall that should have job openings, so maybe I'll work there! :) Thank you all for supporting me in prayer and finances!

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