Thursday, April 8, 2010

50% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am at the halfway point of raising my support!! How awesome is that?! I have 1 1/2 months to raise the rest of the $1,500! It's pretty amazing getting to that goal but challenging as well. I know that I will want to just sit and not talk to people about giving, BUT in order to go I need to raise that much more! It's definitely something I'm not looking forward to, but so far it's been pretty east so I guess I need a little bit of a challenge! :) I know many people, including my church that are going to give, so patience is also something I need to practice...some days I don't like to practice patience!
Today I was telling my friend Elise how I wanted to start packing for NMB! :) I realized that I could mentally pack, because I will need most of those clothes from now until then! lol Though I am wanting to find most of the things I'll bring and see if there are any necessary items that are needing to be some cute tank tops? more like necessary things! hahaha I'm getting so excited to get to NMB and meet all my teammates and CCC staff! I'm also VERY excited for the drive out there! Some of my St. Cloud friends and I are planning the drive like -who are we picking up and where, how many mpg's does your car get, where do you really want to stop, etc...ah!! That gets me SO excited!!! I can't wait to get there!

I thought I would let you be in on the 50% celebration:) Hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

God Bless!

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