Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Lord Provides...

This last week I have been really worried about getting all of my money in for NMB. I'm not as worried for the whole amount, but I'm worried about getting $800 in by April 1st...a little over a week! Monday my family and I were driving back from visiting family, and I was just doubting that I could get all the money in! When we get home we pick up the mail, and in the middle of the pile there is a letter addressed to me. I open it up and a $100 check is inside! I couldn't believe it! here I was worrying about $800, and the Lord goes "Here. I'll remind you of Who is in charge!". It was so humbling to see how little I'm trusting the Lord in this area! Most of the time I don't believe I can get the $800 much less the $3000+ I need for the summer, but every time the Lord reminds me through the people I know or by other people who are supporting me, that HE is in charge! I was telling Nate about all of this and something he said was "$3000 dollars to God is a sick joke! It's His money and His economy! The money is always there!". It's so true though! Every time I have gone on a missions trip of any sort, He always provides and last year-when the economy was bad, I had extra money that I was able to put towards supplies that we were needing for Ukraine! So my task for the next couple of months is to TRUST that the Lord will provide everything I need-even the GPS that I'll need to get before leaving! Who knows?! It's pretty awesome to think that way!

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