Thursday, March 11, 2010


UGH! So I have almost all my support letters addressed and stuffed-but now I have to go buy stamps, and I keep forgetting! One of the reason's why is because I am hoping to hand out most of my letters out at church this Sunday! I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to move in people's hearts to give! Something that I am doing this year that I've never done before, is calling people back. Just to let you all know-I HATE talking on the phone except with Nate and some other good friends-I'd much rather go out for coffee,text, or FB people! Something that Nate challenged me to do was to call people and he told me to ask the question "which requires more faith?" For sure calling people! If I had more time to raise support I would have not be calling people, but because of the short time to raise money I have to if I want to come anywhere close to my financial goal!
This last week I got to wear my new swimsuit for hot tubing-I started getting excited to go to NMB and be on the beach! Each day I get more and more excited to get there!! I found out that one of my closest friends, Hannah, found out that she is also going to NMB! I can't wait! There are actually a few more people going to NMB from St. Cloud and Calvary. It's going to be an amazing summer! I just want to fast forward to May 26th! :) It's so exciting!!!

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