Friday, March 12, 2010


Don't you LOVE it when the Lord answer's a prayer that you didn't even think could be answered?? Earlier this week I sent a letter to Nate, we are writing hand written letters. We didn't want these letters to be the 'I didn't learn a thing about you' letter's, we wanted to know what the Lord was teaching the other person in the time that we had gotten the other person's letter. WELL, there was something this week before I sent my letter that the Lord really laid on my heart. He reminded me of something that I had done when I was 13 years old. I had put it on the back burner until the last 4 months. He (the Lord) put it back on my heart and said 'Remember?! This is what your going to do for Me!' I told the Lord 'Well, what about Nate? How will that work with him in my life?!' He didn't answer me. :(
Fast I got to Skype with Nate. He told me about something that the Lord had laid on HIS heart on Friday! IT WAS THE SAME THING!!!! The only problem was was that I couldn't tell Nate because it was in my letter and it was like HALF a page (a BIG page) long! So I had to bite my tongue from screaming out "PRAISE THE LORD!!" hahaha Seriously though! It was something that I was really worried about, but thought, I'll just wait until Nate writes his letter back. Well, God had different idea's! I had such a hard time not smiling a big as I could! The Lord answered my prayer by a hundred fold! I can't wait to tell Nate-it's gonna be another 3-4 days before I can tell him! I just couldn't stop smiling after I was done Skyping with him! I still am in awe of how quickly the Lord answered my prayers!!! I love the Lord SOOOOO MUCH!!! Just when I think I've got things down and pat - He shows that He's still in charge of what happens! :) I take SUCH comfort in that!!!

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