Saturday, May 22, 2010

Packing Day :/

UGH! I usually like to pack, but not this time! Packing for a whole summer with limited space is not cool! :) There's less than 3 days until I leave, and I feel like I'm no where near ready for it. I have almost everything packed, except my backpack and the things that I'm still needing for the weekend. It's insane. My room is completely trashed, full of plastic bags from my many runs to stores to get things. I got a new backpack, for my laptop! It has many zippers and pockets (YES). I still have to figure out how everything will fit in my car! It might be pretty tight once we stop in Ohio to pick up the last person! I've been more stressed than usual during the packing day. I know I brought too much stuff, but I have no idea what I will end up wearing this summer, so I just left it all in:) I still have to fit in two towels, bleh.
I'm really excited though to head out there! It will be so good, after all this waiting, to actually BE there! I can't wait to meet everyone on the team, the staff, etc. I'm also looking forward to meeting the new people we'll be picking up on the way out! I hope that I will start building close relationships with those girls. It will be a loooooooong trip, but hope that it will be filled with lasting memories!
Some things you could be praying for, for me and for others on the team:
-Joe, right now he is stuck in Kansas with his family, the van broke down (it's the weekend) and he doesn't know if he'll make it back in time to drive out with us.
-the rest of the people who are still looking for rides, we want EVERYONE there!
-for the drive, that all the pick-up times will work well, and everything will go smoothly
-me, I've had a crazy week (and I didn't work at one of my jobs!) and right now I'm pretty exhausted, physically and emotionally. I do not want to go into the summer this way.
-packing, that I will get everything put in and take out whatever I won't need!
-Nate and I as we go through changes with my new schedule and ministry, that our relationship will grow stronger and deeper
This is where I will be in 4 days!!! AHHHH!! :D

God Bless

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