Saturday, May 15, 2010

11 days

I'm sitting here in bed thinking how I only have a little over a week to enjoy this bed before I head off to NMB. I actually have a king-sized bed:) Mom and Dad had a water-bed, but when we moved to the house it didn't fit in their bedroom - which meant I got it! So it will take a little getting used to if I have a smaller bed or if I end up sharing a bed with another girl! Anyway, last night I said good-bye to some of my co-workers. In particular the salad guy Kevin. He doesn't work Saturday's (my last night) so I said good-bye to him. Last summer on a boring night, or after a really busy night he would take a strawberry, cut the top off and put chocolate inside and then top it off with a ton of whip cream! So we had a toast of chocolate strawberry's. I'll have to hopefully do that a couple times this summer with the project people! It is definitely weird knowing that I'm going to be gone from the place I've worked at for 3 years! I'm excited though to find a job for this summer! I don't know if it will be a restaurant job, but I would love to do something fun that I could never do up here in St. Cloud!
So my packing pile is getting bigger! I now have 3 piles: 1. clothing (it will have to move to a bigger area shortly:) 2. bathroom stuff 3. Music/Misc. I realized that I'm going to have to do some major thinking on what I want to bring! I was thinking one suitcase, a small duffel bag and a backpack for the car ride. WELL...I forgot about the guitar, camera, and laptop! :/ I think the small duffel bag will end up holding my camera and music stuff. Here I thought I would be a pretty light packer...not going to happen! It's so hard packing light, knowing that your going to be gone for the summer! What stuff can I live without? What stuff could I just get at the Walmart or Target in NMB? The biggest thing about packing, at least clothes wise, is what warm clothes should I bring with? There's bound to be a couple cool days that I'd want to wear pants instead of shorts. We have 2 drawers and a foot of closet space for each of us so I can't bring too much bulky clothing! I've told many people I want to start packing right now! I'm waiting until after my birthday (the 17th) to allow myself that privilege. lol
This week I got something very exciting done! Our schedule for driving out to NMB. Aaron (the driver of the other vehicle) and I were at Caribou for about an hour. We had to figure out where we were going to pick up the other people and at what times. We also figured out who all was driving with us, something I'm very excited about! So we get to leave Tuesday the 25th at 5 in the morning! *gasp* We will be driving all the way through to NMB. We left enough leeway to give us some extra time to take some fun pictures at the state signs or whatever else we'd like:) If everything goes according to plan, we will be arriving in NMB around 11am on the 26th. As Aaron and I were planning this, I was thinking of all the things that could go wrong on the trip. Then I remembered something someone told me a few months ago when she went on a trip. "You usually pray before trips that nothing will go wrong, everyone will stay safe, we'll get there when we need to, etc. BUT do we ever pray "Lord do what you will." ? We are not in control! Yes, we can still pray that He will keep us safe, but everything shall be for His glory so why not ask Him to do what He will?" I just have been thinking about that a lot. This summer I have given over to the Lord, I'm realizing everyday that I have to give my summer to Him day-by-day, it's a daily thing. So if I give Him my summer, this driving to NMB is a part of my summer! Who knows what will happen on this trip! I would rather have everything work out perfectly, but I have to be open to challenges. :) It's scary, but invigorating at the same time!

God Bless

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