Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First week!!

Hey y'all! I thought you'd like to know what's happening down here:) Let's just say it's busy, busy, busy! I knew that it would be busy coming into this trip but WHEW! Your ready to go to bed by 9 every night. I'm loving it here! It's been amazing meeting all these women and men of God. It's funny to hear people say this, but it's so true! "I feel like I've known you for SO long!" You hear that almost every day.
We have a few different groups that each person is a part of. One is our Bible study group. My group has 5 girls (including me) plus one of the staff, Melissa. We are studying Mark together. We meet up once a week on Monday nights. The girls are SO awesome! Some of you might have taken the love language test or have heard of it. WELL, all of us girls' #1 love language is touch. So we're constantly hugging and rubbing each others back and playing with each others hair, etc. For guys that might sound weird, but girls it's totally normal:) We are already getting SO close, view video:) The funny thing about my group is that there is another Liz! It's kind of funny because Melissa will say "Liz I'll meet up with you at 1:30 tomorrow!" We'll be both standing next to each other and be like "which one?!" It's fun! I love those girls already and it's not even been a full week.
The other main group is impact group. Impact group is when we have one of the guys' bible study meet up with the girls'. The guy's have already made dinner for us. The best thing was one of the nights we had an Iron Chef thing going on for the WHOLE group. We used a TON of dishes, and the girls didn't have to wash a single one! It was very nice...we might just have to think of something to do for them:) Every week we'll have dinner together. So we're thinking that each time we'll have to time ourselves when we go pick up the grocery's, to see if we get a shorter time each week as we figure out the store.
The other group hasn't started up yet, but there are different groups of ministry that we will be a part of. The staff actually leave about half way through, which means we have to lead the project! So all of us will have a different group to be a part of to help run the project. Some will be on worship team, prayer team, outreach team, behind the scenes (techy stuff), our group meetings, etc. So next week I'll hopefully know more about that and start to get to know those people in my group!
Some of the things we do daily is work, group get-together's, ministry nights, etc. Each night except Friday night we have something going on from around 6-9:30pm. It keeps you busy especially if you work from 8:30-4:30 or 5 every day! Each night is different. Sunday is dinner with our impact group and we also have our weekly meeting. Monday is dinner with our bible study and then we have bible study after that. Tuesday we have our main outreach day from 6:30-9 and after that we meet together and share the stories from that night. Wednesday we have reflection night, which is where we have 2 1/2 hours of alone time just with God. It might seem like a lot of time, but I know by the middle of the week I'll need that time with Him. Thursday we have dinner by apartments and then our weekly meeting. Friday is when we have our evening off. Saturday we have all 130 of us eat together and then we have a project social! Work is every day for me except for Tuesday's and Sunday's. So on top of all of that I work from 8:30-4:30:) Keeps me VERY busy!
I hope that this gives you a little bit more into the ministry this summer! I can't wait to tell you more of what the Lord does! He has already brought 8 or more people to Christ! Praise the Lord! There have been a number of conversations where the Gospel has been presented to the point of decision. Please be praying for the hearts that have heard the Gospel but did not receive. That people in their lives will talk with them and bring them another step closer to the Savior! Today I'm going out sharing with my discipler so please be praying for that as well!
Other prayer requests are : time. I don't have much extra time during the day, so that I will use it wisely. Friends. That I'll continue to be open and get to know them better. In general just that I will be bold in sharing my faith. Work. That there will be conversations that will open up to share what God has done in my life and what He can do in theirs! Thank you for all of your help in getting me here! Please let me know how you all are doing! I can't promise I'll respond, but I love to hear things from home!

God Bless

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