Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wait!? Where did this week go?

This last week has just flown by! At the same time each day seems like a few days! It has definitely been a week of getting rid of myself and not putting me first. It's been a week of the Lord showing me so many things that I need to learn, that I can't keep up! :) It's been a week of having a 40 hour job and then going to activities an hour after you get home. It's been a week of sadness as my roommate goes home because she has to have surgery on her ankle. It's been a whole week since I wrote last, and it feels like it's been a month!
Well, I finished my first 40 hour week at Chick-Fil-A! YAH! My feet kill because I'm on my feet the whole time, but I did it! Now I'm gearing up for the rest of my work week. Work has been going SO well! I have just been praising the Lord for the people I work with and the place He put me. Friday I was planning on doing the register because I had been trained and did a good job at it. WELL, the Lord had a different plan for me. I was put on making fries. I was pretty frustrated at first because I wanted to be the one to talk with people and help people, etc. I didn't feel like I could do that making fries with my back to everyone! I asked the Lord to help me change my attitude because I did NOT want to make fries. The Lord answered my prayer!! As it got closer to the lunch rush, I was starting to like it:) Then we got hit with lunch...and I just kicked those fries out! I had a nice rhythm going so it turned out to be really fun. Actually, my boss told me that she has never had a better fry person! It was just so good to hear that because I had asked the Lord to help me do everything for His glory and He did! I did the best I could do because it wasn't for man, but for the Lord and with the Lord's help. I walked away from work just amazed how my attitude had change from earlier that morning. I now have become the person that can do any of the jobs up front. I can do the register, do the fries, make the sandwiches, fry the filet's or nuggets, or bag stuff. I now LOVE to do stuff on the back line. I still would love to do the register, but I'm content doing whatever they want.
Work took up a lot of my day (8am-5pm, including the driving), so I didn't do too much this week other than the activities planned for us students. We had our first night of outreach on Tuesday and had at least 10 people come to Christ. That was with pretty much no one on the beach and the weather not being very nice. Wednesday we had reflection night, date night with Jesus. It is a night that I know I need in order to get through the rest of the week! I have 6:30-9 (or later) to spend time with Jesus. At first I was thinking I wouldn't have enough stuff to do, but I found out I ran out of time! Thursday we had our weekly meeting. It was hard. I had wanted to be on the worship team, but found out I wasn't on either team. I was struggling with wanting to be up there SO bad and leading 130 people in all-out worship. I knew that the Lord didn't want me on worship team, but it was still hard for me. Throughout the rest of the week I realized how good I'm not on the worship team! It's a lot of work, you practice, you learn the songs you don't know, etc. I now know that if I would have been on worship team...it wouldn't have been good. I would have burnt out way too fast and not have been able to lead people in worship. I am now thanking the Lord that I'm not in that ministry area!
Friday was our evening off! We still had to work, but Project didn't have anything planned. So I got to Skype with Nate:) It was a little difficult because there's not really a place on project that you can have a private conversation. We had a wonderful time together and will next Tuesday be celebrating our 6 month anniversary! It's crazy that we've been together for that long, but at the same time it seems like we've been together for way longer:) It's been rough with both of us trying to adjust to my new schedule and not have too much flexibility in when we can talk, etc. We're doing really good though finding ways we can still have time together and be with each other. I hung out with some of my friends, planned a Sunday School lesson with my impact group. Saturday was a work day, I got home and we had Project Social! We had a huge dinner with all 130 of us! Then we went to the beach to have some fun! There were 3 groups and had sand castle competitions, bike races (on the beach), and beach boche ball! It was a lot of fun...I didn't come even close to winning in any of them. Though we did get a complement on our moat for our sand castle! Then we went back to have some ice cream. This wasn't just any bowl of ice cream...it was a huge mixing bowl that you had 3-4 people eat out of! We put all different kinds of ice cream in it and then put about every type of toppings on you could think of! It was crazy huge and delicious:) After that it was about 9ish and still plenty hot out. So about 50 of us went to the beach to have some fun! I tried something very new to me...skimboarding. You skim the waves with your board that you jump up and stand on. I watched a few people do it, and wanted to try it. I didn't fall, but I didn't go very far. Then I tried it a couple more times, went farther but fell down both times! (I have a bruise on my knee to show for it:) There was a thunderstorm coming in so we had to get out of the water. All of us sat on the beach and watched it come in. It was SO beautiful and awe-inspiring! As I was heading back up I found out that my roommate had hurt her ankle skimboarding and was at the hospital! We had a HUGE prayer time for her in our gathering area. She found out that she is going to have to have surgery on her ankle, because it's badly broken. Brooke had to leave project. It was rough for all of us. She left yesterday, we actually didn't even get to say good-bye or get a roomie picture because we thought she was going to leave today. :( Sunday my impact group and I did a Sunday School lesson for the church we're at. It went well, it was very interesting, but enjoyable to work with my fellow friends! We had a bunch of fun:) I hung out with some friends for the afternoon.
We had our Sunday night meeting, it was SO amazing. The Holy Spirit just filled the room. It's so awesome to sing with 130 other people singing their hearts out! We got challenged to 'Kill our Giants', our fears with sharing. So we made a goal of how many people we want to share with, share the gospel with and a goal of overcoming a certain fear in our life in ministry. So this week is going to be intense! The Lord has already brought so many people to Christ this week it's crazy! Monday was Bible study. It was a sweet time with the other women. I love those girls! It's so cool to see how we've opened up to each other just in the last weeks and we didn't know each other before coming to Project!! How awesome is that?!
Today is my day off. I have lots to do today, but wanted to keep everyone updated! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers!

Prayers for this next week
-Killing the Giants week. That I won't give up before I start. The goal is big for me, and I sometimes have a hard time starting.
-Work. Energy throughout the week. That conversations will open up for me to share the gospel with them. Cathy, Wendy, Andy, Jackie, Marie, Tanika, Courtney, and more.
-Energy in general. I am worn out already and it's only Tuesday.
-That I will make wise use of my time. when i get home I just want to relax, but I need to keep going!
- That I won't bottle up, so to speak. I want to be vulnerable with my bible study girls and leader.
-Friendships, that they will continue to grow and deepen throughout the week!
-My time with the Lord each day will grow me closer to Him!

God Bless!

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  1. Liz!!! i love reading your blog, and i'm going to follow it diligently :) i'm so sad not to be there with you, but at least there's more room now!!

    love you girl and am praying for you!