Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry it's been so long!

OK! So let's say that it's been a crazy busy two weeks...lets not just say it's HAS! It has been SO busy, and I get more and more exhausted. Besides that fact, I'm sorry I haven't updated for awhile.
We had a All for One week last week. We were told that we had to communicate EVERYTHING by word of mouth. Meaning, if there were specific instructions to an activity, we had to find out by word of mouth. The first few days were very frustrating, not so much for me, but just as a project. We were all very confused and there didn't seem to be a way to get around that fact. Well, we decided to have a group meeting right on the spot. The problem was, was that there were only 10 people in the area...SO we had to practice:) In 10 minutes we had all 91 of us (i believe) in that spot having a meeting! It was awesome. It got better towards the end of the week:) We ended the week with a softball game staff vs. students! I think my favorite thing was when we were walking to the park. We walked in 4 lines down the street screaming "We are Team Jesus" (like We are the Titans). We were ONE! All coming together for one purpose. We proceeded to 'play ball'. It was so much fun seeing how we came together and worked together. We almost won the about 3 feet! but after much screaming and cheering and hooting and hollering the staff won 24-23. :( I really didn't care because it was done with such a great attitude throughout the whole game! I also hit the ball and got onto first, which was the only thing I wanted to do! :)
This week is Prayer and World Vision week. We had an eye-opening international dinner to kick it off. We all learned so much and it was kind of a continuation of All for One week...we came together. Many people are now listening to where the Lord is calling them. It's been really cool! We proceeded to have an AMAZING Sunday night meeting. Shanti spoke on 'World Vision', talking about the different sites we have all over the world (Australia! East Asia, France, Uruguay, 4th Journey, Ghana). We had worship time after that, lots of us needed Kleenex's. You could feel the Holy Spirit in that room, laying on our hearts His burden for the lost.
I just have to say it has been a hard week for me. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, you name it and I was exhausted in it! I got hurt playing soccer on Sunday, which meant my "free time" was taking up by ice packs:/ I'm doing fine now:) Monday I was still feeling a little out of it, not feeling rested from our "free day". So I went into Tuesday pretty tired. Tuesday 2 of the 4 people that were working at Chick-fil-a were sick...which meant I would be the only one at the store because we have a kiosk at another mall. SO I got stressed out pretty fast! Right when I felt like I was getting a little better...corporate came. Those of you who do work where your corporate come, you know how everyone gets really stressed! Plus we were abnormally busy that day! I could NOT wait to get home and take a nap! I get home, lay down. I laid down and just started crying out to the Lord because I was so exhausted and not wanting to do anything, just wanting to have a day where I didn't DO anything. I got probably about 20 minutes of nap time, 40 minutes of just laying down. I felt my phone ringing, but didn't answer because I was too tired. I woke up about 10 minutes later to a text from Alex (my sister) that Sophina (my baby sister) was being admitted to the hospital. It said "don't freak out" well, that's exactly what I did! It was pretty much the last straw of the day. Something that I didn't mention was that it was also outreach night...which means telling other about Jesus. I had no idea how I was going to get through the night! WELL, after realizing that satan was trying to stop me from sharing, I immediately started praying for strength for the night. Then Tracey Holt came over and prayed for me. I was no where near the point of jumping around all excited, but I had this peace from the Holy Spirit that I had enough to get through the night.
I went sharing with the Liz in my small group:) We both were pretty exhausted, but fully trusting in the Lord. We had great conversations the whole night, but what was awesome for me was our conversation with these 4 girls. They were all cousins, all from different spiritual backgrounds, but we got into a deep conversation with them. They didn't want to go through the KGP with us, but they had some questions for us. One girl asked "why do good people suffer". MAN! The Lord immediately gave me words and Scripture to share with her! I don't think I uttered the word "um" once (which is big:)! I told her how my family and I have gone through so many hardships this last year, with Sophina being sick and dad not having a job, etc. I was able to share how we've seen people come to Christ because of how we've handled our hardships. We have been able to give glory to God and glorify Him through that. I explained it a lot better:) I also shared with her a verse I had just memorized about 4 days before, Romans 5:3-5. It talks about how suffering produces endurance, character, hope and it fit so perfectly into what I was saying! I was able to share my heart with these girls and especially this one girl. I'm praying that she will think on that and search for herself! So I came back just at peace with the Lord, and praising Him for answering my prayers! I found out during our group sharing time that many other people were being attacked by satan that day and how they also had to rely completely on the Lord for strength! It was so awesome:)
Work has been interesting. I've just been getting really tired and a little frustrated. Tired because I was switching my days off which meant I worked pretty much 8-9 days in a row...not fun! Frustrated because I haven't been able to get into many conversations with my employee's, due to me being on register and they being on back bar. I know I'm put here for a reason, but I want to be fulfilling that reason! and just for all of us Project people, we are very tired and trying to keep in our minds how we are to be like Jesus. The 'honeymoon stage' is WAY over:)
Okay so I need to get to bed, but I'll let you know what I need prayer for
-Exhaustion-I'm still mentally,physically,and emotionally exhausted. I'm needing supernatural strength to get through these days!
-Project-that I will continue to deepen and develop friendships!
-Student leaders-staff have picked out the student leaders for when the staff leave. Please pray for wisdom and strength as they lead the project!
-my quiet times-I get so busy and want to just wind down, but I need to spend time in the Word before doing that (just an fyi to let you know how busy I've been, I live 1 block away from the beach and I have not enjoyed the ocean or beach for over 2 weeks!)
-my neighbors-tonight they were aiming Roman candle's at people in the's hard to have compassion on them!
-Nate and I- Nate is going to be leaving for Griffith's Mid-year conference. I won't be able to Skype with him for awhile, I might be able to talk to him for a little bit, but it will be tough.
-me...just in general, that the Lord will continue to work through me and remind me that I am HIS desire and treasure.

God Bless


  1. Liz! SO exciting to hear your heart and your story! I'm so glad to be living it out with you from 10,000 miles away. Great job! I'm proud of you! I miss yo so much!

  2. Liz, you are doing AMAZING! The blog is so cool for keeping us updated. Think about it--even if it is only every couple weeks or so, it's still much more often than just hearing a short testimony when you come back. What a way to share with the church family! I will continue to pray for you. :)