Monday, January 11, 2010

God's Timing

This last week has been a roller coaster! On monday Nate and i went out for coffee, and he said we needed to "talk about something"...of course i was wondering, he told me not to worry about it. I learned patience the 2 days i was waiting! So we go to Caribou and he asked if i would like to enter into a courtship with him! I said of course! So nate and I are officially courting:D It's been fun getting all the comments on Facebook...some said "i knew it was coming" another one said "WHAT!? SERIOUSLY!!!" hahaha it's been great! We went shopping at the mall because nate needed some new shirts! HA! that was awesome...i picked out the shirts and he bought them:) and we both had a blast! (the shirts look great on him:)
Thursday Dan, Josi, Nate and i went back to the mall for a photo scavanger hunt...which turned into a scanvanger hunt because we weren't allowed to take pictures :( It was guys against girls...we won and the boys only had 9 things done on their list! After that we went skating (it was -15 out!) It was SO much fun! I think we lasted maybe 15 minutes after spending 10 minutes getting our skates on! I haven't been skating in SUCH a long time and i didn't fall once! We went back to my house for some hot chocolate, games, and pizza rolls! YUM!
The downhill part of this week is that Nate's FBI backround check came back. Which means that there is now a time limit. He could be leaving in the next 2-3 weeks! It was pretty hard because i wasn't expecting it to be back until at least next week! I'm just thankfull that he's not leaving tomorrow (that's when the rest of his team leaves)! I'm thanking God for this extra time we get together! Hopefully, Nate will find out more today on when he's leaving!

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