Monday, July 12, 2010


I just have to say I'm very disappointed with myself for not keeping this updated! My days off never end up being days off. I'm usually very busy with getting all the stuff done that I didn't get done during the week. So this week I asked for two days off, so I could get rejuvenated. So I also decided that I would try and update my blog as well!
Staff left over the 4th of July. It was a very emotional time for many people on project. It was also a little scary because that meant we were in charge with no staff! We have 6 project leaders, then we have team leaders, then we have our bible study leaders. I am helping on the weekly meeting team. I am in charge of the schedule for Sunday nights, and also making sure the band knows what their doing, how much time they have, etc. I really enjoy it!! We have had a few bumps, but that is a part of learning how to lead! I'm really excited to see how the rest of project goes as we continue to grow together as a whole!
Relationships. Man! The women here are amazing! I have gotten to know so many more girls these last few weeks. Liz Lee and I have really hit it off. We now go sharing every Tuesday, because we work so well together as a twosome when we go sharing. I have also gotten to know the girls in my weekly meeting team a lot better too! Michelle and I had fun doing our laundry together. We had to run to the bank before and get some quarters. As we were standing there, this guy came up to the teller and asked "I'd like some pictures of dead presidents." Totally serious! It took me about 5 seconds to realize what he meant (I was going to tell him to go to the library). Then about 30 seconds later Michelle goes "OH!" We both start laughing! The guy says "These people need some laughter here!" So we became really good friends after that. :) If you don't get's money=dead presidents.
Work. Now that has been interesting! I get easily exhausted and working 40 hours a week with not really getting any time to myself is extremely exhausting! I grew tired of going to work and lost sight of the reason why I'm there. I think all of us (at CFA) were feeling the same way. Just in the way we were working, it affected all of us and the people we worked with. SO we decided that we would meet up yesterday morning (monday) and talk,read the Word, and pray as a group. We went to Krispee Kreme for about 45 minutes. Oh my goodness! I was so encouraged and rejuvenated and excited to go to work! You could see a difference in all of us. We were joy filled! We were not relying on our strength to get through the work day, we were relying on the Holy Spirit. The day was slow, but we enjoyed it.
Activities. Well, there have been a lot! But there are two that I have to mention:) The first one is when our Impact guys took us out on a Friday night around town. They treated us to a show, it was a lot of acrobats and gymnasts...doing CRAZY things! It was unbelievable to see how their bodies could twist and move! We had so much fun as a group! The other was when us girls took the guys "out". We made a Chinese lunch, wanton soup, fried rice, chicken, and big cookie. It actually was our last time as a whole group because JP is leaving to go study abroad. Lets just say that all the dishes got there and we were full by the end of it! Then after we went sharing we brought the guys back and played frisbee golf. There isn't a course around here for that, so Liz Lee and Haley went to the park to make our own "course". We had 9 tree's we had to hit. There is also a pond throughout the park...he he he. It was probably one of my favorite times with my group. We had fellowship time, quality time, and just plain hanging out time with them. The funniest thing about the day was that one of the frisbee's did go in the pond:/ JP had said he would go in if it did. JP and Brian went in. This pond has turtles,geese,ducks and a big fish (and many little ones) in it. BUT we did get it back and no one got hurt:)
What I'm learning. How I am weak and sinful compared to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit has just really been teaching me about how much I need Him. How I can't do anything without God! And how prideful I am:/ It stinks when your shown your sinful pride. It really interferes with everything! The last few days have been pretty crazy in what He's teaching me. I'm excited to see what the last few weeks hold for me. I'm also learning to take care of conflict. I'm one that would rather not talk about anything than confront it. BUT through many different people I addressed conflict and will continue to do so! It's so hard, but it's so much better when you do!
Well, the last thing is prayer. I NEED your prayers! I've realized how important your prayers are.
1. Rest. I don't get enough of that I will be able to get rest and when I don't, that the Holy Spirit will give me His strength.
2. That I will continue to have a desire to share the gospel with other and apply it to my life as well
3. That I will pray more and have a desire to talk to the Lord in that way.
4. Relationships. That mine will continue to deepen with these girls
5. James. He is a guy I've been able to get into deep conversations with. Pray that I will be able to present the gospel to him in a way he can grasp
6. Nate and I. That we continue to grow and deepen our relationship together. That we will both have patience until we see each other:)

Thank you!! God Bless!

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  1. I'll be praying Liz. Thanks for the update!